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WWE Officials Warned: More Nude Photo Leaks on the Way; KO Reacts

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WWE Officials Reportedly Warned of More Photo Leaks

For anyone who thought the photo leaks were a thing of the past, well, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. Last weekend, WWE officials were tipped off. They discovered that more photo leaks were coming soon.

Of course, the company had to act quickly. They held emergency meetings with talent. These meetings were meant to inform. That way, superstars would know how to avoid being a victim of a cyber attack. These meetings became public knowledge when well-known journalist Sean Ross Sapp interviewed some talent.

Sean Ross Sapp of tweeted:

Additionally, reported the following:

“There were several drills. Many educated the talent on how to avoid phishing scams. They went over fake iPhone offers. Clickbait. Tips on spotting fake websites were also offered.

Phones , USB drives, and other hardware intended as gifts weren’t outright prohibited.. The company has made changes to moral policies as it pertains to social media. However, not every person has signed off on it yet.

WWE also made it clear that only the talent themselves and WWE’s team should be able to access their social media. Not friends, boyfriends, husbands, wives. Not children or family. This is regardless of circumstance.”

Additionally, the company held a meeting with its talent just last month. That meeting was to address cyber security. They also gave advice on how to prevent future leaks from occurring. An expert from a cyber security firm was brought in. The expert informed the group about the different methods that hackers use to get into iCloud accounts.

Kevin Owens Reacts as Kevin Owens WOULD React:

One of the supposed leaks? Former WWE champ, Kevin Owens. Now, Kevin Owens is not shy on social media. He had no issue acknowledging his “photos.” KO shot the rumors in true heel fashion:

 Okay, so it’s fair to say the “leak” isn’t Kevin. Still, reading his feed is hilarious as always. Other fake leaks have included Alexa Bliss and Summer Rae. The women shot down the rumors quickly as well.

So, How Can This be Prevented?

Unfortunately, the superstars have fallen victim to this a handful of times this year. Both stars of past and present haven’t been lucky. So, there aren’t any confirmed leaks. At least, not yet. However, it’s enough to frighten the company.

One big argument? People in the public eye should not take obscene photos. If the photos didn’t exist, there would be nothing to hack.Well, to me, that’s totally backwards. Stealing is wrong no matter which way you look at it. If it’s wrong to break into someone’s apartment to steal their television, why wouldn’t it be wrong to break into a phone to steal pictures? Also, a cyber crime is still a crime. It’s time we begin looking at it that way.

Indeed, “famous” people should be more careful. Yet, that still doesn’t make it right or OK. It’s easy to forget that celebrities are people, too.

Hopefully, these courses help prevent future leaks. At least the courses will help educate the WWE talent. They will also make sure stars are more wary of their accounts.

So, how do you think the WWE should react? Should the talent be held responsible for their photos? Or do you think it’s just malicious? Should the WWE begin suspending those with hacked accounts, fining them as well?

Or, do you think they are doing enough?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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