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Special Appearances Announced For WWE RAW 25th Anniversary

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RAW is the longest weekly program in wrestling history, live on Monday evenings. The hype of the show’s 25th anniversary is only beginning.

25th Year Anniversary Celebration

The first show aired on January 11, 1993, from Manhattan. Next year, on January 22, 2018, WWE’s flagship television show will ring in the quarter-century mark. It will be with a live broadcast on the USA Network from Barclays Center. Its anniversary show will feature many of the people who helped it grow to what it is today. In a statement to the New York Post, WWE chairman and CEO said:

“We look forward to celebrating this unmatched milestone with our fans around the world, but 25 years only marks the beginning of WWE surprising, delighting and entertaining generations to come.”

Special Appearances…

The show will feature some “non-active members and legends of professional wrestling in the past; however, their returns can be an exciting moment for fans around the world. Taker, Bret, Michaels and Nash were key members of WWF during the start of the program, with Michaels and Taker still competing in events within the past year. Nash has also been active in WWE, including at WrestleMania 31.

WWE dropping a BOMBSHELL…

According to, another special guest is appearing on their 25th anniversary. And, he is none other than the Phenom himself…the Undertaker! Undertaker is set to make his first scheduled appearance with the company since his “retirement match” at WrestleMania 33. There, he lost to Roman Reigns. Afterward the defeat, Taker walked away, leaving his signature gloves, coat, and hat in the ring.

Following that, he required hip surgery, possibly signaling he’s really gone from WWE. But the Deadman resurfaced days ago, during Ric Flair’s premiere of ESPN’s “30 for 30”. Speculation has been mounting over recent months that the Phenom’s career with WWE is not yet over.

RAW 25th: Writer’s View

I have nothing but respect for the Undertaker. Then again, some fans hope that this return should be his retirement speech. Others hope he will have one final match with Brock Lesnar and/or Roman Reigns. If Vince McMahon gives the green light for Taker to beat the only two who defeated him at WrestleMania and wins the Universal Championship belt…I’m sold!

But…with the WWE giving “back to the company” crap, I could see them going with the only way the Undertaker to finally Rest In Peace is when both Lesnar and Reigns join forces. If they go that route, they will end up beating the Phenom once again at WM34.

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