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WWE Releases Emma and Two Other Superstars

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Emma and Two Other Superstars Granted Release From WWE

WWE announced today that they’ve released Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae from their contracts. All three are now free agents and can sign with any company they choose.

Darren Young and Summer Rae haven’t been seen on WWE TV for months. Both were said to be recovering from serious injuries. However, they probably knew if they came back they wouldn’t get any TV time. So each of them decided to leave WWE.

As for Emma, she is the only one out of this group who has been on TV of late. Emma was rolling with the #GiveEmmaaChance storyline. Eventually, Emma was given a chance. She was chosen as the one who would face Asuka in her RAW debut. That match was won convincingly by Asuka.

Hopefully, these three very talented individuals can find the exposure they’re looking for elsewhere.


Honestly, this isn’t unexpected. Each of these superstars are very good at what they do. Additionally, they probably realized that WWE would most likely never give them the exposure they think they deserve. I truly hope they find what they’re looking for.

However, being released from WWE has proven that it can be a great thing. The most prominent example of this would be Cody Rhodes. Rhodes was released by WWE last year after spending the longest time with the ridiculous Stardust gimmick. Since he left WWE, Rhodes has become one of the biggest stories in professional wrestling. This includes being a recent member of the Bullet Club and becoming the Ring of Honor Champion.

When each of the three superstars asked WWE for their release, you can bet that they each had Cody’s success in their mind. Most likely, we will see each of these superstars advertised elsewhere very soon.

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