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WWE Signs First Indian and Arab Female Wrestlers

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WWE Signs First Indian and Arab Female Wrestlers

As the WWE tries to expand globally, the Women’s Revolution is running right along with it. While there have already been new signings from China, there are more to help grow the company’s reach. That being said, the WWE has formally signed two Indian and Arab females to a developmental contract.

Kavita Devi and Shadia Bseiso, both from Jordan, will be heading to Orlando to begin training at the NXT performance center. Both of these women won their places during a tryout earlier this year in Dubai. During the tryout, over 40 men and women in the middle east were scouted as potential top stars of the area. These hopefuls were not only amateur wrestlers, however. Instead, there was also a large pool of athletes, weightlifters, fitness experts, and martial artists as well.

Kavita Devi

Kavita Devi began her career as a monstrous power lifter. She won a gold medal for India in 2016 at the South Asian Games. After that, she joined forces with the legendary Great Khali, beginning formal in-ring training.

Devi made her independent debut under the ring name Kavita in June 2016.  Then, she gained plenty of attention in July 2017. She entered the Mae Young Classic tournament, proving that she was right at home in a WWE ring.

Devi told India Times in an interview:

“It was a privilege to be the first Indian woman to compete in WWE. Now I am looking forward to pursuing my dream of becoming the first WWE Women’s Champion from India.”

Shadia Bseiso

On a totally different note, Shadia Bseiso’s expertise is jiu jitsu and crossfit. However, her charisma is truly what sold her to the WWE officials. She’s worked as a TV host in Dubai, and isn’t camera-shy in the slightest because of it.

Bseiso told Gulf News that being the first Middle Eastern woman to sign a WWE contract was an honor. She explains further, telling the publication:

“I have personally witnessed the power of WWE and the passion of WWE fans. I look forward to starting on my path to becoming a WWE Superstar.”

What’s Next?

Both women are heading to the training center in the new year. There, the women will be able to develop and polish their in-ring personas, master the WWE style of wrestling technique, and train among the best and most talented wrestlers in the world.

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