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Breaking News: WWE Superstar Injured

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Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York landed SummerSlam and Monday Night Raw. Let’s take a look at one particular match that involved WWE Superstar Big Cass and his former tag partner Enzo Amore. Enzo and Big Cass had a Brooklyn Street Fight, and things got a little tense and even led to a severe injury.

Injury Update on WWE Superstar

Big Cass went for his finisher “Big Boot” but he missed Enzo, and  flipped over the rope, and landed hard onto the floor. Big Cass indeed seemed to have an injury but he remained in the match. However, his knee went out during an attempt for the Empire Elbow.The referee then called the match, and Enzo ended up getting the win due to Big Cass could not go on.

Ringside WWE doctor has coinfirmed that BIg Cass has a torn ACL, which it possibly could be a medial meniscus tear. They are are currently waiting on the radiologist to evaluate the MRI. It has been confirmed that Big Cass will have surgery later this week. He will be out of action in the WWE for nine months.

Writer’s Thoughts

Whoever thought, we would be seeing Big Cass out for 9 months due to ACL injury, we just had Seth Rollins last year out for the same injury. There goes the big push for Big Cass. Once he comes back, he is more then likely going to start at the bottom and work his way back up to the top. What do you think Big Cass will blame his injury on? Who will Enzo feud with now? What are you comments and feed back? Please Leave them below and let us know what you think. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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