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WWE News: The Undertaker Returning?

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Undertaker was last seen at a “No Holds Barred” match against Reigns at WrestleMania 33, where he lost to Reigns after five spears.

After the match, he leaves his gloves, coat, and hat in the center of the ring before slowly making his exit.  He then  walks over to his wife Michelle McCool to kiss her, then walks up the ramp; and performed his signature arm-raised pose as smoke surrounded him, as he slowly descends down into the ramp to the sound of his music.


Back in August, Rumors were going around that Taker might appear at Summerslam; when Twitter-user Jesse Cantu uploaded a photo of Taker boarding a plane to New York City. But it’s just a follow-up on his Hip Replacement Surgery.

The Phenom Resurface…

The world of wrestling took to social media last night in order to celebrate the images coming out of Ric Flair’s “30 for 30” premieres in Atlanta.

One shot, in particular, received a great deal of attention; witnessing a rare appearance of The Phenom posing with The Nature Boy on the red carpet. Both Flair and WWE tweeted out a close-up image of The Phenom:

In a true display of one legend paying tribute to another, The Phenom showed up to a star-studded event for a screening of the upcoming Ric Flair documentary. Taker fans will see an even-rarer out of character interview featured in “Nature Boy”.

ESPN’s Vaughn McClure reported the two legends had a pretty cool exchange regarding Flair’s close call back in August:

Undertaker says,

‘But I bet you can strut.’

It’s when Flair tells Taker he had to learn how to walk again coming off near-death experience.

Sadly, the WWE fans won’t get to see it until Nov. 7.

The Deadman Returns Again or Is He Truly Retired?

Rumours are mounting again of The Deadman comeback, and this latest news of a return to work with Vince McMahon‘s company will only fuel that speculation.

WWE this week announced that fans will get the chance to meet The Deadman at the Ace Comic Con in Uniondale, New York on December 8.

He will also be in Oklahoma the day before to attend Wizard World in Oklahoma.

In the Photo the Deadman’s hair is black. This wouldn’t be worth mentioning, because usually, Taker allows his hair to go grey when he’s not competing at any point in the near future. Whilst this could easily just be a coincidence, we felt as if it was worth mentioning given The Phenom’s tendency to return from time to time.

Whether this will lead to him stepping-back between the ropes for one last fight still remains to be seen.

Writer’s Note:

I read rumors that even if The Phenom returns; he’s likely to be in a triple threat match, with the only two who beat him at wrestlemania, Lesnar & Reigns. But I don’t think Meekmahan won’t let The Phenom beat both of them, or let alone becomes the NEW Universal Champion.

But if I’m in charge of WWE Creative, I’d let The True Symbol of Wrestlemania goes out retiring with a WWE Heavyweight Championship Belt. It would be great to beat both his WM Demons, but still it’s a “NO CHANCE IN HELL”.

So I think the one who’s next in line should be, Jinder Mahal!

Undertaker Off to the Sunset as Champion!

Imagine: The Phenom returns as the American Badass, since he retired the horror-themed gimmick, then defeating the Anti-American Champion Jinder Mahal at Wrestlemania 34, and then he make his retirement speech on SmackdownLive.

But we all know Taker beating both Reigns & Lesnar, and winning the Universal Champion at WM34 would give a true ending that all the Deadman’s creatures of the night wanted. Yet Still…

What do u think?


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