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WWE Universe showing Dissatisfaction towards Woken Matt Hardy.

Woken Matt Hardy Sara Mayor via flickr


Woken Matt

Woken Matt Hardy, formerly known as the Broken Matt in Impact Wrestling, is one half of the Hardy Boyz; alongside his real-life brother Jeff. They gain notoriety in WWF/E’s tag team division due to their participation in Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches.

Throughout his wrestling career, Hardy did use different gimmicks, but nothing stood out like the Broken Gimmick, which was largely responsible for keeping fans’ interest in Impact Wrestling throughout 2016.

The Mastermind behind the Popular Persona…

After losing Impact Wrestling’s world title, he returned with a dyed white streak in his hair; a ridiculous new accent, and a baffling vocabulary.

Broken Matt was obsessed with how Jeff – rechristened Brother Nero – had ‘broken’ him, leading to a mission to ‘delete’ him in revenge.

However, their bizarre exchanges, hilarious catchphrases, and controversial bouts led to the brothers becoming the most talked about stars outside of WWE.

Eventually, Jeff becomes ‘broken’ too and various members of the Hardy clan, including Matt’s son ‘King Maxel’ and father-in-law ‘Senor Benjamin’, adds to the madness.

The “Broken” Universe finally meets WWE Universe.

The legal wrangling between Hardy and Anthem concluded, and Matt is finally going to ‘break’ in WWE; then Wyatt may be the perfect foil, as a fellow supernatural cult leader with a penchant for the ridiculous.

Another benefit of feuding against Wyatt is that Hardy almost certainly comes out of the program as the ultimate victor. Bray is one of the best talkers in the business and has the character to back it up, but he loses almost all of his marquee storylines.

This time, though, Wyatt’s putting over Matt’s gimmick is the right thing to do. But whether Vince McMahon will give Matt the same creative freedom he enjoyed in Impact remains to be seen.

Woken Matt becoming unDELIGHTFUL to WWE Fans already?

Even though he gets to use the Broken gimmick, WWE is going with the new but similar gimmick The Woken Hardy.

Two weeks ago, even though matt and Wyatt did a wacky segment, but fans are already complaining about the gimmick being overproduced and repetitive.

YouTube viewership of Hardy’s 1st debut segment achieved over two million views, but the follow-up has amassed only 670,000 views; with Hardy already beginning to give in-character responses to online criticism.

In TNA, Hardy was the focal point of the promotion, given carte blanche to produce entire television specials that overcommitted to his Broken Brilliance. This was necessary, in order to allow such a unique character to connect with an overly skeptical wrestling audience.

And while Vince McMahon is a fan of the gimmick, fans and media should know better than to expect McMahon and WWE to be hands-off.

Writer’s View,

Matt Hardy’s Broken gimmick was being teased too long, and once it finally arrived, the fans grew tired of it. So I’m hoping The Woken/Broken persona debuts in person on RAW; not to further damage the once a WONDERFUL gimmick in the wrestling world. Let the magic happen with Bray Wyatt who is great with the mic and in-ring skills.

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Matt Hardy vows to “delete” Bray Wyatt: Raw, Dec. 4, 2017//