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Opinion : WWE Women’s Division

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Women wrestlers have only one title to wrestle for, and needs another championship belts in WWE.


Think about this…

There is only Women’s Championship Belt to defend, on all Three Brands.


A lot of women are trying to get this title, with little storylines. The TV airtime, for them is very little too.

What needs to be done?

Simple! Create one more belt….well…more like Belts.

Bring Back WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Belts !!!

Let’s have some History Lesson…Shall we?

WWF/E introduced the women’s tag team belts way back in 1983, and the first to hold the titles were Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria.

They were already NWA Worlds Lady Wrestlers Tag Team Champions when joining WWF/E, however, cut ties with NWA, which owned the championship.


Held by Velvet McIntyre and Desiree Petersen because Princess Victoria suffered a career-ending neck injury (in WWE terms, broke her neck) on September 1, 1984.

From there, the titles changed hands three times, and the last to hold the Titles were The Glamour Girls before retiring it in Feb 14, 1989.

My Opinion!

WWE should bring the belts back for the women’s division. Then create new story-lines, and a much needed excitement back for the women superstars.

But one thing WWE should not do, that is, don’t make the tag team titles for all three brands. This will devalue the titles, and people will easily get bored. Many tag team championship belts, from both Men and Women Division is just going to complicate the fans.

What should WWE do?

Make a tag team tournament by selecting from all three brands. The winners will become the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

They can take the titles to their respective brand, but they cannot jump from one brand to another.

How will the titles be change hands?

The Champions will be challenged from different brand at the Pay-Per-View.

For example – NXT Team have to face Raw Team (the champions), and if they lose the match, SmackDownLive Team will get a shot at the next PPV.

In this way, while the Women’s Championship has its own storylines, WWE can have something for the other women to fight for rather than wrestling each other, for no reason.

Back in 2012, posted an article about bringing the Women’s Tag Team Championship Belts, but nothing happened. Not to take credit, but way before they wrote that article, I pitched this Idea on WWE’s Twitter account. Now I’m writing this again hoping they would reconsider bringing it back.

And with recent low ratings on #RAW, #SmackDownLive and no need to say about #205Live, WWE needs this more than they needed back in 2012.


WWE, it’s not too late!


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