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YouTube Personality Blasts Dolph Ziggler for Canceling a Date, Says He’s Leaving WWE Soon



YouTube Personality Takes Shot at Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler sure has a hard time with the ladies. For “stealing the show and your girl,” he apparently has a tough time lately doing either.

Late last week, popular YouTuber Trisha Paytas made an insane rant video involving the superstar. Trisha Paytas is an aspiring musician with a large following. Paytas, who has over 2 million followers, starts the video by calling him a few choice words. She also revealed that they hooked up about a year ago. This tirade snowballed after Ziggler allegedly cancelled a date with her.

Paytas referred to Ziggler as “barely a celebrity” and stated that they have been communicating regularly for the last couple months.  Apparently, Ziggler had let her know that he would be traveling to her city. They made a date to go out for drinks. Paytas claims she warned him not to flake on her.

She continues her rant by saying that he cancelled about 20 minutes before their scheduled date via text message. Ziggler was apparently too tired and hadn’t yet left the airport. He apologized, but asked to reschedule. Paytas went into meltdown mode. She also says she’s dated other wrestlers in the past, which resulted in a similar experience.

She reveals that she texted Dolph immediately after the canceled date. Paytas told him she doubted that he’d want to see her again after the video she was making.

Paytas finishes the video by taking a shot at wrestling fans. She makes fun of them for defending someone they don’t even know. Paytas reminds everyone that wrestling is fake, and so is Dolph Ziggler. She also states that Ziggler is just about finished with the company.

The entire video can be found here. Be warned, it contains a lot of strong language.


Paytas issued another video on YouTube, blasting wrestling fans once again. This video is much more aimed at the WWE fans. She responds to the negative comments after her first video, though not in a neutral manner. Once again, it contains a lot of foul language.

What do you think of this rant? Will Dolph Ziggler ever catch a break? Do you believe he is really planning on leaving the company? Let us know in the comments below.

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